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    JAHMv1.1 9550 (.972/.983 Base)

    I got bored so I whipped this one together. I was tired of the .1015 Base. So far it's been nothing but smooth and I have been running it for almost a week now. I have more updates coming, and will be releasing more hybrids this week. So keep an eye out for those.

    1. Install OS

    2. Download JAHMv1.1

    3. Unzip J.A.H.M. (Just Another Hybrid Maker) using a program like WinRaR (32 bit) to your desktop or your personal folder.

    4. Open My Computer: C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/Apploader... Delete the Vendor.xml file if Inland Cellular is not your carrier. Go back and then proceed to the Shared Folder and open the Loader Files/9550 folder.

    5. Replace the java folder that you unzipped with the java folder located inside of the 9550 folder.

    6. Perform a clean wipe on your device using BBSAK before installing.

    7. Enjoy and Report Back your Findings.
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