Well here is my latest release, ShuckStyle 5.1 for the tour 9630. This is a hybrid built over It contains a full java of 732 (minus theme files) with a TON of 748 files worked in. It runs smooth, fast, and if you arn't vip yet and dont have access to jaspers latest build, this is the best way to exerperience the latest leaks and run your electronic life ShuckStyle. My last release ended up having 80 downloads, lets push this one to be my first release with 100+ downloads. and trust me, been testing for days and working hard for you guys, this one is worth it. So please download, install a fresh copy of, install Shuckstyle 5.1, shrink out what you dont want, uncripple your blackberry via driphter.com, and post your feedback and findings right here. Your comments allow me to know what is and isn't good for future builds, so throw me a bown and let me know exactly how you feel. Thanks for all the support guys and I really hope you enjoy this one.

Click here to check out ShuckStyle 5.1 at Driphter.com