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    Willyboy 95xx v1.2 .580/.610/.643

    This is a hybrid for the Blackberry 95xx Devices. That means that this is made for the 9500, 9530, 9520, and 9550. I recommend uninstalling any other OS’s off of your computer and running CCleaner (including registry cleaner) to ensure a clean install. Please back up all your data before proceeding.

    -Depending on what device you have you should install the following BASE OS:

    (NOTE: 9550 users this will NOT load over a .607 base)
    (NOTE2: I did not test this over .591 for the 9530)

    If you are a 9550 user looking for a 607 base or a 9530 user looking for .591 base, please do a little perusing at

    -Run Willyboy 95xx v1.2.exe to install the hybrid over the base.
    -"Exit" the installer, Shrink-A-OS will pop up. Shrink out all languages you do not need to save space. DO NOT shrink out default fonts and themes.
    -If you choose to wipe, now would be the time to do it.
    -Launch loader from SAOS. If core applications are missing from loader selection, try launching from BBSAK or BBMCP.

    This is a .580/.610/.643 build.

    -East Asian Languages are supported, along with some others.
    -Apps that you have the option of installing also: AppWorld, Google Maps 4.0, UberTwitter

    The .580 base provided a good starting point for all devices. I decided to go with the .643 files in this one to add stability and improve battery life. The 610 Bold files were included because from my previous builds I know they yield great battery life and have good memory management.

    It is important to keep in mind that the first couple reboots will take a lot longer than normal. Also, battery life will not be good until the device settles which usually takes 24-48 hours.

    Help Screen will read as App Version while the About screen will read You can also view the .643 modules through the application modules screen, or do a system read in BBSAK.

    Please post your comments and feedback! ENJOY!

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    Small issue

    Loaded it the other day all is working well, except for a paid app called guitar Chords. I uses this a lot and when I go to look at the chord patterns nothing appears until I touch not press the screen. then they appear as I swipe down. I have a storm 1 9530.

    That is the only issue I have.

    Nice work.

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