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    Thanks for the info Orio, gonna go try that now. I removed .405 from my S2 last night and went back to the first hybrid I tried of OOAK's, good ole .351 Hybrid. I was just having too many issues with mine that could've very likely been user error, which was the reason I posted my process for loading it/questions at the start of the .402Hybrid thread, hoping one of the hybrid experts in here would read it and point out anything wrong I'm doing. My device started running pretty slow, then the appworld not updating thing, and I had to think, I had ZERO lag, issues whatsoever with .351, why not go back to it? So I did :-) And now me & my S2 are both happy again :-)

    (I linked where my extensive post about how I loaded the hybrid is located, incase I can get one of the hybrid experts to take a look and show me the error of my ways I need to learn before I brick this thing ) )
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    i am still on the .402 hybrid but had the 910 app error when trying to upgrade app world. i just used bb master control program, removed the remaining app world cod and was then able to re-download and install app world with no problem.

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