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    Torch 9810 Missing Phone Icon and App

    My phone app and icon are missing from my Blackberry Torch 9810 desktop. I'm using OS 7.1, bundle 1997. When I check options/device/application management/phone, I scroll to the bottom, it shows 2 modules: net_rim_bb_phone_api, and net_rim_bb_phone_app. Selecting either one, it shows in the details section:

    Installed: Unavailable

    Both modules are version, created August 25, 2012.

    Since I don't have a phone icon on the desktop to place a call, I press the Visual Voice Mail icon, then select "Call Voice Mail", and the phone hangs for a few minutes. Since the two above mentioned modules show as unavailable, is there a way to download just those two modules, and install onto my phone? I do not have a backup of the phone when it was working, I backed it up just before posting this.

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    Have you tried updating your phone's OS?

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