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    bold 9900

    reboot issue with bold 9900

    ok so i am not a techy by any means so i have done varies steps to try and fix my phone but with no success. my device just started to reboot by its slf one morning and never completed the reboot, it now does not even show the white line anymore as now the red led goes on and off. i downloaded os 7.1 desktop software and there had no luck in repairing. then i tried the os 7.0 but that also did not repiar device. main problem is that device does not connect when trying to reboot the whole time. ok so i looked at a clip on youtube and followed steps to my computer then operating system(vista 32bit) opened program files whent to comon files found the rim files then found the app loader, opened the loader and followed the promts connected the device but then is says does not have blackberry device software i need to contact wireless service provider.............................

    can someone please tell me how to get the right software

    not sure if my location is needed, but i am in south africa and my mobile service provider is vodacom

    i found a feed that instructed me to get bbsak but this is also not helping as my device does not connect, so the wipe option is not available
    if i use my desktop manager it conenect and gives me update but when i want to install update the it says that a software component is needed and then does not download it.......
    please help!
    i have been at this now for 2weeks, i really need my phone back on. i dont care about all the info on it, if its lost thats fine as long as i can just get it operating again
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