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    BlackBerry Synchronization Issue


    I am trying to get my calendar all synchronized between my BlackBerry and computer.

    I did have it working between my BlackBerry and Microsoft Outlook. I noticed that my events were all linked to Facebook by default, and so I changed my default CICAL service to my school e-mail address because I thought it might be better to trust my school's servers over Facebook ones privacy-wise, and diversify my portfolio instead of handing all information in my life over to one organization. But perhaps I am putting too much thought into this.

    It is still convenient for my actual Facebook events I am invited to through Facebook to be synchronized with my BlackBerry / Microsoft Outlook for reminders &c.

    Is there a way to allow Facebook events to synchronize with my BlackBerry without making them my default service for every event I make on my phone or computer, or am I just over-complicating things?

    I also apparently have changed my contacts service, and it says this could result in duplicate contacts, which scares me, because I don't want my contacts messed up!

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