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    Post bbm messenger problem with torch 9800

    I updated my bbm messenger and now its not working . A blue screen is appearing and i am getting no other options !.... My OS is 6.0 Bundle 3049 (v6.0.0.706, Platform . I have couple of doubts would like you to help me out.

    1. So if I want to have the new OS how can I have it ? Can I have OS 7 ?
    2. I have used the OS 7 from curve 9860..... i have just entered my BIS registered mail and all the bbm friends were added automatically can this thing happen in torch 9800 ?
    3. I am thinking to switch from torch 9800 to Z10.... So will this be worthy is I move to it ?

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    OS 10.3.2
    1. OS7 or 7.1 will not work on your 9800.
    2. What version of BBM did you update it to? And did you update your BlackBerry ID? (There might be a screen when you open BBM, asking you to update your BBID.
    3. Its your choice if you want to get the Z10. Go to a BestBuy or FutureShop and try the Z10 (or the Q10/Q5) out. See how you like it. It all depends on your choice and preferences.
    Thanks for visiting and enjoy using your BlackBerry!
    Please my post if it has helped you. Much appreciated!

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