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    Unhappy bb bold 9000 not starting up help!!!

    i used my bold yesterday evening and it went off, when i woke up this morning and charged it then tried to switch it on.. it doesn't finish starting up then it shows a white screen with "JVM error 102 reset" please help, what should i do?

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    Sorry to hear you are having trouble. One thing you could try is pulling the battery, hold down the power button after the battery is out for the count of 10 and then put the battery back in. That worked for mine when I had the 9000. I can't remember where I found that, but, I tried it and it worked. This may not work for you however, so if it doesn't then you could try reloading the OS via desk top manager and have your phone turned off, open desktop manager and then plug in your Bold with the usb cable. It may ask to repair or reload software. Hope you have a backup if you do reload the OS. Good Luck and other smarter people may chime in after me. cheers

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