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    operating system for blackberry curve 8520

    i seen a you tube video on how to install an os on a blackberry i followed the steps for it and when it came to device application selection it told me in the box the blackberry desktop software does not have blackberry device software for the device you have connected to the computer contact you wireless service provider or system administrator please help i need my fone back

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    Hello Emma! Sorry for your troubles. I know how frustrating it can be.

    So, is the phone functioning now? Are you trying to upgrade the os or fix your os? Regardless, try this: Connect your phone to the Desktop Manager. After it's fully connected, restart your phone. The DM should give you an option to restore your os. When your phone is completely restarted, follow the instructions and restore your phone.

    Hope this helps and if it doesn't, please give us more detail on exactly what is wrong and how it happened. Hope to hear back from you soon!

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    hello my phone is still not working i am trying to put an os on my fone it was on saturday witch it happend in the rain and the sticker on my battery is red when i was told it should be white my screen is still white and wont do anythin else i did down load bbsak for a youtube video i seen and it connected i wiped the fone as it told me to and i tried to back up my files but it said ther is no 3rd party avilable and i tried to put the os on it and thats is all i dont know were the os is i dont know what its called i dont even know if its saved or not as i said befor i did try the other video witch led me to this site about going to the file deleting the vender file and clicking on the we fone icon it done everthing else but as i said befor when i got to the device applaction selection that was it thats as far as i got and its still the same as it was when i restart it the red light at the top comes on then it will go off then the screen goes white it wont turn off or anything please help me thanks

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