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    mobile network is not available in bb curve 9380

    Dear reader..
    i am using blackberry 9380 curve i bought it form Dubai and i use there for 2 months and then i came back to india and try to use indian sim card firstly it goes normal.with a sudden msg like error...i completely ignore it but after 3 to 4 days the phone says initialization failed and mobile tower says sos i tried with the scanning of tower but nothing happen i goes with the security wipe option still no result now i am completely hopeless...... plz help..............! me in this problem..

    Thanking you
    sanjit biswas

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    PM me :)
    OS 10.3.2
    Have you unlocked your device?
    Thanks for visiting and enjoy using your BlackBerry!
    Please my post if it has helped you. Much appreciated!

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