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    Crack BlackBerry OS, $10,000 Reward: PNW2OWN at CanSecWest

    Crack A BlackBerry OS, Win $10,000: PNW2OWN at CanSecWest

    The companies behind those mobile platforms are apparently offering up the prize money in exchange for exploit code and/or details on any security flaws PNW2OWN contest participants may discover that enable them to take control of a smartphone.

    Just yesterday, renowned security research Charlie Miller hacked a MacBook in less than 10 seconds, a new record. Miller, who?s credited with executing one of the very first successful attacks on the iPhone in 2007, had this to say about the smartphone OS hack contest:

    "I can't break them?I don't have anything for the iPhone, and I don't know enough about Google."

    So while Miller might not be the man with smartphone-hacking-plan, it seems likely that some crafty coder will come up with a way to infiltrate at least one of the five mobile targets. It sure would be interesting to hear about a BlackBerry-related exploit, since the platform is so often extolled for its impressive security features.

    Read the article at
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