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    BBMHomeComing Campaign

    Hi Guys,
    I am Ana, representative from BlackBerryMessanger. Pleased to meet you all.

    We want to let you know that BBM is having a Christmas campaign #BBMHomeComing both on FB and TW.
    With #BBMHomeComing campaign, we're hoping to help you reconnect again with your family.
    All you got to do is upload your family photo either on FB or TW along with hashtag #BBMHomeComing, then share your story of why you can't be home this Christmas. You can get a chance to win tickets to go home.
    For more details, visit our Official FB Fanpage or TW: BBM

    BBMHomeComing Campaign-socmed-900x900-px-christmas-1-foreigner-png

    Let's spread the joy this Christmas. Time to come home.
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