I have a client who we recently upgraded their server from 4.0 to 5.04
We are also in the process of migrating them to office 365. They want to use the BES transporter tool to migrate their local on premise BB users to Office 365. They have already signed up for Blackberry Cloud Services, which is accessed via the 365 portal. We were under the assumption that using the BES transporter tool would allow a user to be migrated from local BES server to Blackberry Cloud Services, without having to complete a wipe, and resync of the BB device. They are not seeing that. It looks like that is required. The questions is, if that is the case, why bother to use the tool? Why not just recreate the users in the portal, and assign the policy from there. Is it absolute necessary to wipe the device and do a resync after the migration to Blackberry Cloud Services after using the BES Transporter tool?