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Thread: Passport and Classic in UK

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    Passport and Classic in UK

    Hi, went to my local Carphone Warehouse store in UK, to ask about Blackberry Passport and Classic would they be stocking them?,
    was informed that they had a rep from Blackberry U K with pictures and details and there would be a demo passport in store and
    some in stock, price and exact date when they arrive in September not disclosed,
    it's a large store and always has Z10 / Z30 demo phones to try, and Q10 / Q5 /9720 /curves can be available at times,
    if you go in and ask for a Blackberry phone they are very helpful and accept your choice, no pressure to go I Phone / Android,
    there are many large enterprise companies in the area and they still use Blackberry phones so i see mainly Bold / Curve in use,
    so i may see Passport and Classic being used in the near future?, looking forward try one when in store and if it meets my needs
    will buy one, and then the Classic when it arrives, it's been a quiet time since the excitement of the launch of Z10 in January 2013
    and Q10 /Q5 and Z30 during the year, and with Blackberry facing an uncertain future in the latter half of 2013,
    now under a new CEO and with the launch of three new devices this year and going for the enterprise sector there is a good chance
    that Blackberry will be around for many years to come,
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    That was Chen's focus. Business sector. As long as they can start turning a significant profit, BlackBerry can comeback as a big marketshare player again.

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    Sounds awesome! I'm seriously excited about this device, hoping that functionality (in this format / form-factor) will overcome whimsy and I'll be able to stick with BlackBerry full time as my only device!!
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