BlackBerry phone battery life???
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Thread: BlackBerry phone battery life???

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    BlackBerry phone battery life???

    Recently I am helping my friend choosing a new smartphone phone. She want longer battery life. On my Android HTC Desire( actually my first smartphone), less than 1 day when I am playing games for a couple of hours or surfing a lot on the way, so I would use a mpj replacement battery as alternative. Besides, it just awesome so I wont upgrade in the near future.
    I was wondering what are the battery lifes on BlackBerry devices.
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    Battery life will vary depending on use. I'm a heavy user and this is my experience: On my Q10, I get between 12 - 16 hours. On my Z10, it's 8 - 12.

    Again though, there are varying factors such as os, apps, and daily use.

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    Black Berry is heavy phone. So many functions are added in. Due to this reason, Its battery life is not for long time. Its battery has left work in a year.
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