Hi, my name is Michael Richardson. ived always been minimum wage working guy and always have been fascinated by Blackberry, but since 2008 until now i havent got a chance to buy one because of the prices in my country. and because of this country restrictions i couldnt buy one online without a credit card. 3 months ago i applied for a credit card and actually got approved 3 weeks later i had a chance to use only 400$ with my card only in online stores, i was so exited, so i went over to Amazon and bought my first ever blackberry, it was the Z10... 3 weeks later the phone was in my hands, and i was so happy, everyone in my family was impressed about the cuality and speed.. but with happyness comes envy. yesterday i went to do a job for my boss and i left the Z10 by mistake in my desktop, when i got back, my hard worked, priceless, and well earned Z10 was gone. lastight i cried a lot, not because of the money, no. Because of the long time ived waited to have something built by Blackberry, and because that was my dream. some people have higher wishes like buying a car and a house, but mine was that and it felt awfull being ripped out of your dream come true. sorry for writing this here, but i think this is the only place someone could understand.

For everyone at Crackberry, and at the forum. Thanks for Keeping the Blackberry Pride Alive.

Love from Venezuela.