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    Unhappy 10.2 and what it didn't fix (yet)

    love the new stuff in 10.2! yet expected to see some really simple things fixed with its release for my Q10

    - a real, keyboard speed dial (by far not the only one missing that from their pre-BB10 berries. And how hard can it be to implement?...)
    - email text reflow/wrap - now this one is a real annoyance and I would've sworn 10.2 will fix it, surprsingly, no fix

    this third one is a personal gripe:
    - I see a missed call from a friend and i want to quickly text him as I'm headed to a meeting - how to do it in the most efficient manner?
    Option 1. press and hold on the missed call number, side bar appears, I choose top option, circled letter (i) 'view call details'. From here I have the option to 'call mobile' and 'text mobile'. However I have 2 mobile numbers for my friend and the action bar I actually have in this screen look like this
    'Call Mobile' 'Call Mobile' 'Text Mobile' 'Text Mobile'

    Which 'Text Mobile' option is for the missed call number, I can't really know, yet I'm in the 'view call details' screen for a particular call...NOT GOOD

    Option 2. press and hold on the missed call number, side bar appears, I choose option 'view contact' and from there tap 'text mobile' (still need to remember from of his two cell phones he called me...) - NOT GOOD

    The above frustration can easily be solved by:
    - side bar popping after press and hold the missed call to have a direct option for texting the caller (that would be 2 taps only) (And why not also add option to BBM the caller in that same sidebar?)
    - address book should be able to differentiate between more than one mobile number, say Mobile 1, Mobile 2. Current options are Work, Home, Mobile, Other

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    1. I've heard that shortcuts will be coming.
    2. Not sure what email reflow is
    3. When I want text somebody who just called, I either use the instant reply feature or I just start typing on the homescreen (ex: text robin).

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    1. good news on the shortcut!
    2. text reflow/wrapping is in emails containing images - the message is automatically reformatted to fit on the screen horizontally so that no sideways scrolling is needed, it was there for BB OS 7 and even older.
    3. instant actions is good indeed (even better on Q10) i'm only "bitching" here about reduced number of clicks, which for me is synonymous with efficiency

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