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    How To Avoid Injury by Cell Phone Battery Explosion?

    Do you know some news reporting explosions caused by cell phone battery before? Are you worried about that it will happen to you one day? Though the qualified batteries can hardly explode, but the risk still exist if the battery is improperly used. If the cell phone battery really explodes one day, how can we avoid being hurt?

    If you have seen the pictures of exploded cell phone batteries, you can find that most of the cell phone screens are undamaged while all the backs of the cell phones are badly damaged especially the parts near the batteries. Since the thinnest part of the cell phone body is the part near the battery, it will be the breakthrough point when the battery explodes. At that time, many pieces of the phone body will be ejected and hurt people.

    For avoiding injury, you should let the phone screen up when you put the cell phone on your desk. The circuit board of the cell phone is solid enough so that the board and the screen can be hardly scrapped when the battery explodes. At that time, they can reduce the impact force. If the explosion happens, the pieces of the components can hardly fly to you. In addition, You can put it in your bag when you go out. It is very dangerous to put your cell phone in your pocket or hang it with a rope around your neck. You will be badly injured when the battery explodes if you do that. If you are afraid of the accidents caused by your cell phone battery, keep a distance with it when you do not need it.

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    wow this is really informative
    will look out for it

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