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    A sad day if we loose ONX/BB10

    Each day there appears more bad news about Blackberry, the new Z30 looks to be a contender against Apple/Android but the knives are out, it has low specification and screen is not the best and out dated hardware, fault finding by reviewers before it's released,why buy any of their phones? The company is finished and you will be left with an operating system abandoned and unsupported, and the pre BB10 phones have left many people with the incorrect view that BlackBerry phones are unreliable and badly made, when the conversation turns to which phone are you thinking of buying? The only answer is I phone/ Samsung (Android) what about a new Blackberry Z10 or Q10? A business friend after trying my Z10 yes would buy some to replace curves/Bolds, then the announcement that BlackBerry is up for sale, another business customer off to I phone, another confidence building move by BlackBerry, all this depressing news made me think which operating system and make could I replace my Z10 and playbook with?, Android? Charged up my Nexus-s and xoom tablet hardly used since acquiring my Blackberry devices, and used them for a week, the old annoyance of regular force closes and restart apps along with reboots and system crash, my Z10 has spoiled me with its flawless operation over nearly eight months none of the Android joys, and the updates to BB10 and another imminent, one with Android if you are lucky, the BB10 browser with flash support is very fast to load and the Z10 keyboard is the best one I have used, and the Hub it just works, after using the Android keyboard and browser and cannot play content no flash, glad to be back with my Z10 and playbook, Apple I Phone ? not unless a law is passed making it mandatory, oh! Forgot windows phone, best forgotten, the future looks bleak without BB10 nothing else on the horizon, the losses appear to be considerable and unsold devices mounting, and workforce being reduced by almost half? Not encouraging, BB10 is probably the best system available, it my join two other brilliant operating systems that were consigned to history by incompetent management, a truly sad day for every Blackberry enthusiast,

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    cant tell express myself always have been confident with blackberry, and now am just on my truly thinking and have my positive energy that they wont step back and will push forward, just remembering a movie "300" was enough force to fight a huge army made of different men, this could be Blackberry position at this time

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    Just my opinion on what might happen. It's a chess game Watsa steps down claims C.O.I has a deal in place beforehand. BlackBerry makes stock price drop Watsa buys more stock. Buys rest of BlackBerry. Releases 4 new pro smart phones for the professional user. Two different kind of blackberries, BlackBerry and Watsaberry . Because if they keep doing what there doing in a few years everyone is going to be asking "what's a berry".

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