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    Z30 uk price and available

    Hi carphone warehouse major UK high street retailer posted Z30 unlocked price £530/$850 due ( black) September 30th and (white) October 15th, they normally arrive on date, Z30 priced same as Z10 in January, it's up against Samsung galaxy S4 and Sony Z1 which are only £20/$32 more, Blackberry should have priced below £500/$800, I am a Z10 owner so do not need to be sold on how good BB10 is, Z30 is up against serious completion they could have priced it as a promotional deal to shift as many units as possible, they have little to loose, many people in Europe buying outright freedom from carriers control, as for Z30 I like blackberry and birthday coming, so I will splash out and buy a black Z30 to go with Z10 regardless of price, if ?? this is the last one might as well go out on a high, and can say I owned probably the best Blackberry ever. Update 21/09/2013 after latest news might not arrive ever, a sad day for Blackberry enthusiasts. Update October 7th price down £30/$50 but still waiting for Z30 in black to arrive,
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