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    Blackberry flip phone

    Hi I have just found a Blackberry phone, I did't know BlackBerry made anything but keyboard devices and the odd touch screen ones, l was visiting my supplier who has some unusual phones sent to him, this is a BlackBerry pearl 8220 flip phone brand new unlocked, it has 2006 on original box and is complete with manuals/CD and charger for US market, it seems well made and the battery cover is easy to remove with a clever catch, new batteries are available on Amazon as the original was beyond charging and of no use, its now set up and running, as I have no experience with pre BB10 phones it required a little learning to navigate the menu system, it's not a bad phone call quality is good and receives well in poor signal areas, it even has Wi-Fi which locked on and held the connection unlike some newer phones, the front screen with a choice of clock and notification of calls/texts etc without picking up or opening the phone, as its only 2 \ 2.5G equipped the internet was not too bad but on Wi-Fi it was quite fast, I bought it as I had never seen a blackberry using this style and it will be a talking point when I use it, its a shame that BlackBerry did not continue with it and update with 3G, battery life is acceptable, if any member could supply any information on the date it first available and was it a popular model, I would appreciate the information, it will join my collection of classic Nokia's, does any one collect old Blackberries?, .

    Update today, I now have a 2006 pearl 8100, received it from a customer who heard I collect and use old Nokia phones, (so you can start collecting BlackBerry) most have been given to me by older owners who no longer use or want them, so now I have two old Blackberries, it was new and unused with screen and camera stickers still on, plus a comprehensive instruction manual,CD, and a genuine BlackBerry leather case in the box, the phone works very well and feels solidly built, the Sure Type is different. But am getting better, and the roller ball is easy, I expect with very heavy use it will fail, but these will be used occasionally, new batteries are not a problem at present, everyone who sees the pearl flip phone thinks it's cute. And did not know BlackBerry made one. If my Granddaughters see it they will want it because it's pink and silver, only problem is where to put them all.
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    One of my favorite BlackBerry's I ever owned was the BlackBerry Style. It was a flip phone that ran the 6.0 os.

    There is certainly a rich history with BlackBerry and I'm glad you enjoy it. Post a few pics of your collection for us!

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