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Couple of months ago some of my friends were starting a mobile gaming company with primary focus on iOS. So when they mentioned this to me I urged them to look at BlackBerry 10 as an option. But as good game requires lot of development time, they were hesitant to develop for BlackBerry10 simultaneously. So, I decided to make a pitch. Below is the summary of the pitch.

1. 80 million subscribers world wide and 55 million active users on BBM. Growing....
2. BBM connected apps have better chance of making money as visibility is more.
3. Also less competition on BB compared to iOS or Android so more visibility again. (Indie studios biggest challenge is visibility)
4. Bust a few myths (BlackBerry App World stats: six million daily downloads, higher profitability than Android | The Verge)
5. Developers make more money on BB (www.gigaom.com/mobile/which-mobile-oss-apps-make-most-money-surprise-its-blackberry/)
6. BlackBerry has less competition and BB users have credit cards ( www..n4bb.com/5-reasons-develop-blackberry/ )
7. QNX is part of some cool stuff (www.blackberryos.com/content/blackberry-s-qnx-os-part-some-very-cool-stuff-3867/ )
8. BB10 is one of the most easiest platforms to develop or port your existing applications (Cubifice | CrackBerry.com)
9. BB10/QNX allows developers to use wide variety of tools and wont limit developers to platform centric tools making it easy to develop.
10. Gaming on BB10 (http://www.blackberryos.com/content/...ackberry-3989/) wow..must watch video.
11. Pinelake ports android app to BBdevalpha device in an hour (Developer ports Android app to BlackBerry PlayBook, sees 25 times more downloads)
12. RIM is putting a lot of effort into Developer relations team headed by Mr. Alec Saunders, VP-Dev relations. Excellent guy who is always warm to talk to on twitter.
13. No more fragmentation. RIM has announced that they will be standardising screen resoultions to make BB10 developer friendly. (RIM Announces Standardized BlackBerry 10 Screen Resolutions - BerryReview)
14. QNX is the only true realtime operating system on a mobile device ( Pacemaker Shows Off Upcoming App for BlackBerry PlayBook at BlackBerry World 2012 - YouTube (Preview)
(Show link)
Pacemaker Shows Off Upcoming App for BlackBerry PlayBook at BlackBerry World 2012
During the BlackBerry World 2012 keynote general session, Jonas Norberg, the CEO and founder of Pacemaker, shared plans to launch a Pacemaker app for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. The app will allow you to mix, sync, and scratch digital music on your PlayBook tablet, as well as apply effects, loop, and much more to provide a rich DJ experience.
(Show link)
) watch from 50th second.
15. Last: Playbook runs iOS game 30% faster (Ported iOS Game 30% Faster on Blackberry Playbook | teknoids / How a Developer Ported his iOS Game to the BlackBerry PlayBook in Just Two Days «BlackBerry Developer Blog)
16. Hary, an iOS dev, had more success on BB than on iOS with his two games POPCORNY and FLYCRAFT. ( Success Stories - BlackBerry Developer) (Fly Craft: FlyCraft Success Story | Ludum Dare)

My friends went through the points one by one and they felt I was talking sense and not just blind fan boy talk. so they decided to contact BlackBerry directly. to be frank, my pitch alone was not going to be enough. they needed excellent support from BlackBerry. and they got just that. extremely impressed with BlackBerry's support they decided to scrap their half way through iOS development and went ahead with Built for BlackBerry certification game. after two moths and loads of hard work this game is finally ready to be released exclusive on BlackBerry (For now, may be in future they will consider WP8).

The game is a strategy war game. unlike other strategy war games (Like 3 little kingdoms) currently available, this game allows the player to move the characters up, down, left, right, circle, anywhere on the screen he wants to attack enemies and win. the characters are well done, 24 epic levels, great music, small but good team of devs with promise for loads updates and above all a Built for BlackBerry game.

Here is a trailer of the game on youtube. Hope you will enjoy it and request you all to give it a shot and if you like it tell your friends and spread the word with good reviews. the game is scheduled to launch on 31st of this month.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohdNG94X3yQ

Also the first teaser : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xhr63nO3B4

More screenshots and news on their facebook page (6000 fans already) https://www.facebook.com/nautilusmobile?ref=ts&fref=ts

@joejerde will highly appreciate if you can give this game a review. thanks.

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