Hi, sad news of more BlackBerry staff being let go because of poor sales?, it should be from marketing department as perception of BlackBerry is based on pre BB10 devices and they are not very good, I try to further the cause by letting family and friends even customers (I am not in the phone business ) try my Z10 and see how good it really is, the fast browser with flash support and keyboard is the best one in my experience, the call reception is high quality, using LCD screen is a good idea as browsing on oled screens eats battery, the Hub for E mails/texts and finally the excellent camera, limited apps in BlackBerry world is improving but not fast enough,quality not quantity, hand over the Z10 and the learning curve to operate BB10 for a first time owner seems to cause a problem, which button to start phone?, its just a swipe up simple but different from most phones, yes this can be disabled but pointless to have it, the price drop is compared to many other smartphones is very quick, and the resale value? Saw my first Q5 new return today only just released and Z10/Q10 returns increasing, sim free and carrier ones from all networks and prices going down, one retailer contact said he has returned unsold Blackberries only one Z10 sold since February, I phone / Samsung fly off the shelves, BlackBerry must stop the rot, they can't survive on BlackBerry loyalists alone, and the soon to be released A10 when? Price too high? It will be up against many other 5" phones, BlackBerry have to convince new BlackBerry customers why their A10 is the best, playbook abandoned because it could not compete against rivals, released as playbook 2 with updated software BB10/hardware it could have succeeded, will A10 follow?, and a new OS7 phone coming BlackBerry should have been very quiet about it, shows total commitment to BB10 the reason no playbook update, all efforts on BB10?.