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    Some questions ...

    dear all,

    I have changed my rom of my Z10
    official to

    I have well done because this rom is perfect. but :

    -Where come from these custom roms ? directly from BB or from Dev. who work for pleasure ?
    -Each time there is a new rom , is it possible to know the modifications ?
    ==>Just to know if the changes are worth.

    I like my Z10 , but I don't know if it will stay with me.
    I don't like the keyboard , I prefer something like "swype" , and I would like to change the calendar.
    However , the Hub is powerfull !

    I'm ready to change (test) new customs but S4 is calling me like mermaid.
    It's hard to resist ...

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    Hello Dzir! The "roms", or "leaks" as we like to call them, come from people a lot smarter than me who love to do that kind of stuff. They get access to the builds and make them available to us.

    I understand about the GS4 calling out to you....well, not really. I've never owned nor wanted anything but a BlackBerry so I will never understand why somebody would choose that phone. BUT, I'm sure it's a great phone and might be the one to suit your needs and wants. Just do me a favor? Give the Z10 a chance. Give it a good chance to grow on you as you flow, peak and start to message like crazy on the best keyboard around. It takes a little getting used to, but I have not heard from anyone who didn't come to love it!

    Post back with what you decide!

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    Hello Harmeling68,
    you are right ,I have to get used to working with it.
    During some years I had an android with several settings everywhere and finally the phone was no longer his first mission : to call or to receive a phone calling ...
    It is true that my Z10 is much more faithful.
    Gs4 stays a little bit too expensive , I let a chance to the Z10 during some months and and maybe that will fulfill my vows on the little things that irritate me.
    So please inform your colleagues that users are ready to test for leaks

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