Hi regarding Android apps can run on BB10, yes they can but may not be as good as Blackberry ones, when showing my Z10 to family and friends,
not many vital apps that they want are there, are they on app store? ( they should be in a Android section so they know they are Android apps) ,
but you can side load them, interest is gone, apps on i phone easy, most owners are not interested in how or why it works, most members of this
site are into their Blackberry phones want to know how it works and would side load apps and experiment etc,
Blackberry and microsoft (windows phone ) are both dragging their heels with regard to vital apps, if not provided by facebook/netflix/hulu etc,
then both should invest money and make them available, Blackberry did it for UK owners with BBC I PLAYER, the same with apps in each country,
otherwise the opposition will take customers away, apps are the key to success as most owners need ? / want them,