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    Retailers attitude to Blackberry

    Hi, its now three months since i bought my first Blackberry phone the Z10, and i use it as my personal phone,
    not once has it let me down, the browser is the best available, it does all i could ask for, build quality is excellent and it looks as new
    not a mark anywhere including the screen, the battery life now meets my daily needs, would i buy another Z10 or recommend it
    yes without question, today i had hands on with a demo Q10 only a few minutes so not long, never had a physical keyboard phone
    so it seemed strange, and for me it would be a learning curve, appeared well built and solid, smaller screen after Z10 but OLED
    is bright and colours good, would i buy one?, if in red and price comes down later yes, at the moment prices are a rip off, Blackberry is like the phoenix rising from the ashes, so when i go into phone retailers and ask for a new phone a 4g one, usual advice is how about an I phone or Samsung sir, i reply i am interested in the new Blackberry Z10/Q10, no you don't they are rubbish or unreliable or both, they seem against Blackberry and its a general attitude, its depressing to hear, and then i say i own one and have you used a Z10?, people have a perception of Blackberry based on the earlier phones, and the TV adverts have not seen one for a while, its an uphill struggle for Blackberry lets hope they make it.

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    The upside is that generally most websites have changed their attitude about BlackBerry. No more doom and gloom crap lately, except for a few blogs.

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    BlackBerry is ike the kid down the street who used to cause all the trouble in the neighborhood. To his friends he's a very cool guy, but to the townsfolk his reputation is one of a rebel. So even when he changes, sees the mistakes of his past and works hard to redeem himself, it's met with suspicion and rejection. For him, it will take constant work to be fully accepted and widely loved....and the same is for BlackBerry. That kid might be the best mechanic in the town, but until he's fully trusted and accepted, most will continue to bring their cars to Wally at the Chevron. Even though Wally is an outdated mechanic with a drinking problem, he is well known and people are comfortable with him ad his lackey Earl.

    In time and with BlackBerry diligence, that BB Phoenix will not only rise from the will rise above the rest and be known, loved and coveted.

    I agree about the Q10. Hard to fully imagine me going back to a physical keyboard and lose all this Z10 awesomeness, but I'll reserve that judgment until I hold one of those beauties in my hand and who knows, I might leave the store with one!

    BB then, now, forever!

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