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    BBOS Asks: Do You Use Voice Notes?

    We all love BBM for different reasons. From the messaging capabilities with groups, to the individual chats and the check mark, the D and R, we are fascinated by it and for many, it's their device's most used app.

    I do feel that there is a little feature that doesn't get all the attention it deserves, voice note recording.

    I can't tell you how useful it has been for me to send a voice note instead of a BBM at times. We've all been in situations where it's easier to just explain something verbally then it is to write out a whole message.

    Voice note recording is already integrated into BBM and there's two easy ways to record one.

    Through the menu on BBM.

    The most common way to send a voice note is to access the option on the menu in a BBM chat. Simply open the menu and scroll to Send and select the Voice Note option. Note: This option will limit the length of the voice note you're sending to one minute.

    Through the Voice Note Recorder app.

    I can't tell you how many times I've heard of someone not knowing this app existed. For most of us the Voice Note Recorder and the Voice Notes apps will be in the Media folder, but if it's not, check the Applications folder too.

    This option enables you to record a voice note for a lot longer time and then send/share it as you please. I tested it out today to see how long of a voice note I could record and still BBM it to someone. I managed to get all the way up to 5 minutes and then figured that'd be more than enough for most people. So if you do hit a limit to the length of time a voice note can be to be sent over BBM, please share it with us.

    Now, we wanna know, do you use voice notes regularly on BBM? Vote in the poll and tell us why or why not below!
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    I don't use BBM but i need of voice note recorder. (I ask you to excuse my French)
    I would like to do this with voice-notes: include my vocal notes in a text in the places of the text which need comments if this text was sent to me, then to return it with my comments that can be heard there where they are in the text.
    Thank you.
    Writing and creation of documents blending mass media, BB10 have to be offices.
    It is also possible to think make march of the written text accompanied with music or with sounds recorded by one. It in or out of BBM.
    There are poets who use smartphones BlackBerry. Perhaps we want to watch and to put text audio on a picture and send it. For the time being, when a woman, a man, (according to how lives the adolescence or for us the present time) has an idea of melody, they croon, record and the text in job is in another application, and it is for them as for the addressees.
    Bonne journée ŕ vous.

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    I love the voice notes feature in BBM. I can send a quick Happy Birthday song to someone, a quick instruction for doing something, or just a hello. I have a few friends that are visually impaired and this is invaluable to them. So, in my opinion, it is one of the coolest features in BBM

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    Nope I never use voice notes, not sure why. Great feature.......hummm may I will start

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