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    Conjecture says iPhone 5 due in late Sept.

    According to clues in the press, the iPhone 5 may well surface before the finish of next month.

    Gossips are out

    AT&T and Verizon both have a vacation freeze scheduled at the exact same time. A "trusted Verizon employee" told TechCrunch that the employees are not allowed to take vacations from September 21 until the end of that month.

    Moreover, iMore also reported a source saying that Apple is preparing a large press conference on Sept 12.

    Probably to occur

    If gossips and history hold true, just as it did last year, Apple will announce the new iPhone release mid-week, and then the revamped handheld devices will be in stores at the end of the following week. September 12 is a Wednesday, meaning that, historically, the launch of the gadget will be on Friday the following week. That date is -- you guessed it -- the 21st.

    Jason Gilbert, writing for the Huffington Post, said:

    "If you don't think that these secret 'sources' were Apple PR leaking information to favored publications, then you better head to the nearest bathroom mirror because someone has written the word 'gullible' on your forehead in Sharpie."

    It is anticipated that individuals have been waiting for the next edition of the iPhone. That is why sales were not very strong when the iPhone 4 was released. The sales fell short of projections when the iPhone 4 was released less than a year ago.

    Announcement not yet made

    Of course the House the Jobs Built is keeping its lips sealed. But as always, gossips abound. It is believed that the gadget will have a slightly larger, four inch display and support a faster 4G LTE network. Some say it will even have a smaller dock port, which is sure to elicit grumbles from some consumers.

    A turn-by-turn navigation system and the Passbook app for storing digital coupons should be available with the iPhone 5 since it will run the most recent operating system, the iOS 6. Other devices can get the brand new operating system, though they cannot support all of the additional programs.

    This new iPhone will become old news in another year, but if you were thinking about getting something brand new, you should probably wait another month or so.

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    This new iPhone will become old news in another year
    Considering that they release a new one every year, I would say

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