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    RIM should have its own network now, be a CARRIER

    Us as RIM followers and fans, we suffering really about the download speeds, especially here in South Africa on Vodacom specifically, the speeds have been cut down and now they below 6kbps what is that really? Its no use having a blackberry here, instead of creating different service plans on the BIS they cutting down the speed, I think there should be one for social network and one for everything and maybe be R150 per month and not them slowing down the download speed, RIM will loose customers here in SA as well as Vodacom. RIM must do something about this and not let these carriers here in SA play us, firstly their devices are way more expensive and we buy them now they cutting down the downloading speeds.

    Companies must stop thinking only for themselves, also us who are supporting them, because @ the end of the day they totaly nothing without us NOTHING....

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    I hear your point, and having poor download speeds and having a great device is counter productive. Unfortunately RIM has nothing to do with carrier prices and how they regulate their data. If RIM would rent their infrastructure out to carriers maybe then we could see some improvements in areas like South Africa then it could be possible for them to improve the infrastructure that is already there.

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