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Thread: a new to me Bold 9900

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    a new to me Bold 9900

    Well, after searching for an excellent quality new to me, used Bold 9900, I finally found one. I gave my 9780 to a client with brain cancer, who also had a damaging stroke to her right side.She had an android device which she could no longer operate one handed and with a cold handed touch (no response when cold). I let her try out my bold for a few days and she was able to use it very reliably one-handed. (non dominant hand) I tried to get our local Telus office to swap out her Android, which was only a couple months old and not used, for a berry, but they told me "we don't do that". So, I gave her my Blackberry and went on a search for a good used 9900. one member here offered to sell me his, but, it didn't work out logistically for shipping to Canada and the price was more than I wanted to pay (with shipping). I found one, locally, excellent condition with all accessories and an sd card for $265 and was able to meet in person and give it a road test. Yay, now to explore the 9900. I am a happy camper. cheers
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    Great story, Lucy. Thanks for sharing.

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