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    Does Blackberry have Free Instant Voice Recording and Transcription?

    what i really would like is a portable device that can both record conversations and instantly transcribe them into a format that can be quickly and easily edited (the instant transcription doesn't have to be accurate) .. if the transcription can be edited by deleting or inserting more transcribed audio and if the editor permits audio playback of the transcribed file cued from places in the transcription, that would be a plus.

    it would be ideal if these features can exist in a phone with a small, physical keyboard, gps. a camera, wifi, mass data storage capability and expandable memory. i almost purchased the Torch 9810 sight unseen until i realized that what i really wanted was a voice recorder + transcriber (i already have other devices for gps, photos and internet so if these features come with, that's a bonus).

    does anyone know of any device/app like this on the market (i'm a complete noob when it comes to smartphones)?

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    There are a few, but the one that comes to mind first is Vlingo. There are some others listed in BlackBerry App World that you can find listed here:

    Voice Dictation Apps - Download Apps for Voice Dictation - BlackBerry App World

    Hope this helps.

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