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    That's heartbreaking

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    Quick question concerning bb apps. Do they all want "personal information" from the phone in order for them to work? I dont feel comfortable giving my contact information, audio/video files, email addresses etc just so I can play a game or use a code scanner. Are there any that dont want or need this info to work?

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    Hello celusk, welcome to BBOS!

    To answer your question, yes there are, and it's not as bad as you think. Many apps require certain permissions as a way to classify them with RIM guidelines. Unless it asks for your credit card info or passwords I would not worry about it too much. Apps that deal with contacts and BBM integration need certain privileges in order to run properly.

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    Lets BB 10 changes it. Developers are gearing up for their support. We will definitely see major changes and improvements. Application support will significantly improve.

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