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    This site is constantly teaching ! Thats great! Keep it up

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stiefler View Post
    xx00 are GSM devices (can have WiFi and GPS)

    xx10 are GSM, with GPS (only)

    xx20 are GSM with WiFi (only)

    xx30 are CDMA devices

    Stated by tavella81:
    The only CDMA Blackberry that can work on a GSM network in North America is the 9530 (Storm). The 8830 is the only other CDMA Blackberry with a SIM card slot and does not support any North American GSM frequency bands.

    The 8130 (Pearl), 8230 (Pearl Flip), and 8330 (Curve) do not have SIM card slots and will only run on a CDMA network.

    I was under the impression the 8830 and 8330 both were CDMA with no SIM card slot, but the 8830 World Edition, and the 8330 World Edition both had SIM card slots (but can't be used on North American GSM frequencies).

    Then again I was also under the impression the 8330's only had 64 Mb memory, and the 8330 World Edition's had 96 Mb memory, but the latest Telus 8330's (non-World Edition) seem to have 96 Mb memory too.

    Not confusing at all.

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