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    A Deeper Look Into: BBM Connected Apps Access

    BBM Connected apps have become very popular among BlackBerry users. From Foursquare to BBM Music, these apps have allowed us to connect with old friends and new friends alike, all using BlackBerry Messenger as the main component. Some have found a couple of problems with how connected to BBM these apps are though. How so?

    Everyone is on different level when it comes to how social they are, specially when it comes to BBM. Some add as many people as possible and if anyone gets annoying, they simply delete and ignore. Others prefer to keep BBM as personal as possible by only giving out their PIN to close friends and family. Whatever your preference may be, BlackBerry Messenger has always allowed you to socialize your way. With the addition of BBM connected apps, some people have found that their PIN is accessible without their direct consent. What do I mean by "direct consent?"

    Let's take BBM Music for example. This great "still in Beta" application allows you to add people and share music with them within the app, without having to ever add them on BlackBerry Messenger or know their PIN. It's completely independent from BBM although it's integrated.

    If you go to a BBM Music Contact's Profile, whom you don't have as a contact on BBM, and click the "BBM Chat" option, you will be prompted to add said person to BlackBerry Messenger. From there a BBM request will be sent out and you will have access to their PIN. For many this is not an issue.Certain people see this as an opportunity to network with others and get to know people they otherwise would have never met. For others though, it presents an issue that has turned them off from using certain BBM connected apps.

    BBM Connected Applications Access:

    Even though many may not know this, Blackberry Messenger actually lets you control how much access to it a BBM connected application may have. If you go into the Options menu within BBM, you will notice the "Application Access" option that allows you to connect/disconnect it from BBM, post recent activities onto your profile, and ignore invitations to become a BBM contact. A simple check of that box will prevent anyone from requesting you as a contact on BBM through that specific 3rd party application that's connected to BBM.

    While we all have different preferences as to how public we allow our PINs to be, it's nice to know RIM is interested in keeping everyone comfortable with how their personal information is accessed with simple, yet convenient options like this one.
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    I love BBM connected apps feature really is excellent using Foursqure or scoremobile has become so much better

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