This week for my first article in the App Tuesday series I'll be cutting my teeth on the Pandora application. Pandora is a free custom stream radio application for your BlackBerry device.

Pandora allows you to create your own mix of stations using artists or songs that you pick, then creates a station centered around your artist or song of choice. Pandora plays a mix of songs in relation to your picks.

Pandora allows you to create stations directly from your device and then allows you to further tweak your custom station by using the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" buttons to weed through songs you like or dislike. From there Pandora adds more artists similar to the songs you like and likewise dismisses those you don't care for.

Pandora does offer a paid subscription service called Pandora One. Pandora One allows you unlimited skips on any of your stations (the free version limits you to 6 skips per hour). Pandora One is also ad free but comes at a price of $36 per year, I have replaced my Sirius radio subscription with Pandora One as I find it as a suitable replacement.

Pandora syncs all your user created stations from multiple mobile devices as well as your computer. No matter where you use Pandora when you log in you will be presented with your user created stations.

All in all I think Pandora is a wonderful addition to your app list on you BlackBerry. I find myself using it all the time in the car and I use the web based client at work. It has replaced my satellite radio in the car, it's THAT awesome. I'm using Pandora One, although its not free I find myself enjoying unlimited skips of songs as well as the ad free experience. If you find yourself wanting to give Pandora a try you can grab it from the link below, I think you'll really enjoy it!