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    Unhappy Red X across the battery icon


    Earlier today i noticed that my service provider signal is down so i thought of hard resting my phone thru removing/replacing the battery, and then i connected the charger since it has dropped to 6% already. I noticed that the screen wont come on and it shows the red x across an empty battery on my screen, i tried removing/replacing the battery - no go. i tried dropping the phone - no go. i tried removing the battery while charging - no go. i tried another charger - no go. i tried another battery - no go. i let the charger connected for 2 hours, inserted my battery to another bb and the battery went up to 60% - meaning even when the screen shows its not detecting the battery, it was still charging. i downloaded bb desktop software and it detected my phone bec its showing the bb info (pin etc). but it doesnt give me the option to restore or back up -- greyed out.

    tried using loader.exe but its saying it didnt have the software needed by my device.

    im all tied up from here on. please help me, i dont think i can live a day without my bb.

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    I think your DM haven't recognized it.And I think there is nothing wrong with your battery because you've tried another battery or if this another battery is damaged !
    Actually I don't know What's wrong? But I suggest wiping & cleaning the small sections of metal through which battery power is transferred, as well as the metal prongs inside your device's battery slot that connect to the power supply.Be careful while cleaning these prongs because they are delicate.
    I'm not sure if that would make your Blackberry work again well but I suggest giving it a try carefully

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