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    Hammerdown Monday: Hypoxia Media Player

    Ain't it pretty? There's lot's to love about that color scheme, it looks good on the 9700, and the Torch, huh? The UI is silky smooth too, other than a half second screen load time on my bloated 9700, it screams, black smoke and flames comin out the stacks (exhaust pipes). The network look up was fast to, it beat the snot out of my ancient Toshiba lappy, finding every media file an average of a half second faster.

    So what does Hypoxia do? Is it just another media player? Well, yes and no. It is a media player, it'll play audio and video, as well as slide shows. But when ya get into the media sharing part of Hypoxia, that's where the rubber hits the road.

    With the ability to connect to a WiFi network and share media, Hypoxia hit on a part of BlackBerrydom that has been, well, lacking for years. Now, add streaming from the network into it, or to the network as well, and you have a whole new dimension of awesomeness. Check out these features:

    * Stream From: Your home, or work network using supported apps like Windows Media Player, TVersity and more with Hypoxia!
    * Stream To: All of your supported upnp devices like: Xbox 360, Windows Media Player, or another BlackBerry!
    * *Bold 9700 owners enjoy the added feature of Streaming Video from the network! (More phones to be added).
    * Full Skinning System: Change nearly every aspect of Hypoxia's look and feel with downloadable Skins.
    * Twitter Integration:Share what you're listening to, or watching with Hypoxia in real-time on Twitter!
    * Custom Playlists:Import, edit, and create your own custom playlists containing songs, videos, or both.
    * Album Artwork: Hypoxia will automatically display all Album Art from your songs' ID3 tag.
    * Audio and Video Playback: Support to playback audio and video media files in Full Screen, and Player modes.
    * Message Notifications: Quickly preview incoming SMS, Email, and PIN notifications right inside Hypoxia.
    * Hypoxia PicShows: Create a custom slideshow of pictures, backed with your favourite audio tracks.
    * Keyboard Shortcuts: Many keyboard shortcuts to quickly change to Full-screen, Now Playing and more ...
    * Bluetooth Support: Stream your favourite songs to a connected Bluetooth device.

    Now, if that ain't cool, I don't know what is. I had no hang-ups getting this to play nice on my Bold 2, it ran smooth and fast. No crashes, no problems with connecting over WiFi, even public paid networks (do not recommendo! repeat, do not risk your BB's security hookin up to an unknown network, I did it purely for testing purposes). This app is definitely well built, well supported, and just plain works. Heck, I use it instead of BB media player.

    I give Hypoxia Media Player a smokin 10 gears, the first ten I have given out. Congrats MblWare, this is one of the best apps I've ever seen.

    Keep the shiny side up, and the rubber side down.

    Hammerdown Monday is written by ADPerdue, a genuine Long Haul Trucker with eight years on the road, recently certified as having over one million accident and ticket free miles, and a bona fide BlackBerry junkie. Apps are rated from one gear to ten gears, with one meaning "don't use this app even if they pay ya", and ten meaning "if you don't have this app yet, you need some serious head shrinkin".
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