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    RIM still under water?

    Its seems as though the analysts, and investors are looking right past the launch of the OS7 devices. Many say that these devices could be looked more or less like fillers before the much anticipated QNX operating system. Quotes like this from Zeus Kerravala of the Hub-based Yankee Group.
    “There’s nothing inherently different about these phones and this operating system,”
    or this one from Jennifer M. Fritzsche, an analyst with Wells Fargo.
    “It’s good to see them doing something, but it could not be coming out at a worse time, when you have this lingering Apple product that is going to be coming out,”
    It seems to me like were looking a filler line to keep the public happy.I have to be honest as a BlackBerry enthusiast I always get excited about a new device. Excited like i got when the original 9800 came out. To me I thought that was a huge step in the right direction for RIM. The 9800 was different than the other phones. It wasn't just a slight remix of a older phone. I think others are tired of the same thing.
    When we look at the new line of devices we see a new OS, and some new hardware specifications, but is it really a change? Certainly RIM has struggled to improve things under the hood, and it appears as though they have responded to a few of those items with this new lineup. This is my opinion, and I will be waiting for a QNX based phone next year.

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    has anyone seen a difference?What is the difference?

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