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    playbook battery life

    Some people say the blackBerry playBook battery will last 10 hours when you're busy browsing the web, watching movies, listening to music, sending emails, etc. I usually watch movies and listen to music on my playbook. 10 hours is enough for me. but i want to know whether the video format impact battery life.

    I know avi format video may take up more space than the MP4 format. hd movies are larger. if the MP4 would be better for battery life? any info will help, thanks.

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    Hello sky,

    HD videos as well as high bit recording will consume more of your battery life. The MP4 format is pretty standard, and would be the best for everyday use.

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    I've heard that this is unnecessary and can damage the battery. But i don' sure .

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    helay i agree with you

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