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    Hammerdown Monday: TellMe

    Howdy Hands, I know Hammerdown has been MIA for the last month, but family and work have been screamin their heads off for attention. So I gave em my full attention for a bit, and now I have the wiggle room to get this out, enjoy!

    Information. Just like any other business, I need info to do my job. And sometimes I need it yesterday. I need things like the time, the weather, the date. Since I also test and review apps, I need other info, like battery level, battery discharge rate, memory, and signal.

    Getting this information can get a little frustrating, I can't pick up my Berry and start clickin' away while I've got the go peddle flat on the floor. I need a quick and easy way to access that stuff. So, when Jeff Hunt, of Jeff Hunt Development, was looking to test out apps called “TellMe the time”, to put the time in the menu of a BB, “TellMe the date”, and “TellMe the weather”, I jumped all over em.

    But then, recently, when I found out that he had made another app, one that combined these apps and other functions in one, I went to App World to buy it, before the feeling of typing in bbm even left his fingertips.

    TellMe shows you the time, the date, the weather using BerryWeather, your last missed call, your last received email, total memory, remaining memory, battery charge, voltage, and DPH (discharge % per hour). Feel the urge to run out and snap it up? I don’t blame ya. Go ahead, I'll wait right here. Got it? Great!

    Now, TellMe allows you to put the menu entries on the top of the menu, or on the bottom. Nice, little bit of customization, eh? It also allows the customization of the info it shows on your menu. Don't need to know any battery info? Just hide it. You can also choose the format the info takes in your menu. Show the battery level, the voltage, and the DPH, or just the level, and DPH. Or just the level.

    This app is one of the few I use, not just every day, but multiple times a day, and without it, or its predecessors, I would be a total wreck. I really hate asking everyone around me the time, or the date, on a constant basis. TellMe frees me from my own screwed up cranial horsepower.

    I've used Tell me the time, Tell me the date, and Tell me the weather, for well over a year. I've used TellMe for about a month, and I have never had a problem beyond a failed install of TellMe, in Jeff”s defence, the berry was responsible for the install going wrong.

    The interface in the menu, is flawless. The main app screen is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and real simple to operate. You just install, open, configure, and close, and you never need to open it again, as it runs in the background and auto starts with your Berry. Dead simple and brilliant.

    Info I can use, a nice look, easy configuration, and a price of $1.99 earns TellMe 10 gears in my book. Now if I could only get it to TellMe where my keys are...Hammerdown Monday is written and posted every first and third Monday of every month, by ADPerdue, a genuine Long Haul Trucker with eight years on the road, recently certified as having over one million accident and ticket free miles, and a bona fide BlackBerry junkie. Apps are rated from one gear to ten gears, with one meaning "don't use this app even if they pay ya", and ten meaning "if you don't have this app yet, you need some serious head shrinkin".
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    Nice to get Hammered again. And I'm first! I hope to win. Good to have to you back and hope the family is set now.

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