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    BBM not received by other BB device

    Hi all, juwatkin PM'd me with this issue. Since I don't play with BBM, I got his permission to post his question into this thread. Anyone with BBM experience, please see if you can help Justin fix his issues,

    "I have been on a blackberry of some sort since the 7100 series first came out so I am not a newbie by any means, nonetheless, there is always someone that has the answer you don't!

    Having said that, my GF and I are on ATT with a 9700 and 9800 using os 6 Official Release. All of a sudden we are unable to see bbm messages sent from one another and we have done full wipes, deleted and reinstalled messenger, made sure that no duplicate info (specific to mine or her pin, name, god knows what else!) I just sent her a message and am able to PING her with a check mark and a "d" however on her end she is able to see them and is not able to respond and it is very strange??

    I have gone back and restored by device from a backup file (.ipd) that was working and everything was fine from a few weeks ago and also have restored within the options menu of bbm itself via email and .bbk file from another time it was working for us and it is absolutely NOT working...

    I have ensured all options are checked and it is a new issue for me and I usually have all the answers but am clueless about what the problem may be!

    Any help or thoughts, ideas, etc. , would be greatly appreciated and I hope to hear back from you soon and have a great day! If possible can you add me on BBM (send me a request and possible fix that way)?

    Thanks again in advance and talk soon I hope


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    .. a friend of mine experienced the same issue about three months ago and the issue lasted for weeks.. i sent a message and it got to him 3 days later although he was just sitting across the room... duh.. after checking, it was confirmed that there's nothing wrong with the device or the app (BBM).. having said that everything is in order, hence the only possible culprit to that issue is the carrier's server or network.. I might be wrong but that was what happened.. try sending the HRT.. if everything else is working but your BBM still sucks then I am speechless... lol..

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