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    Talking Help with locating pics on media card with OS 6 BB Bold 9700

    Hey everybody, I just put os 6 on my 9700 and I love it. I just have 1 question though. I am trying to locate pics I sent from my desktop to my bb and I cannot find them. When I go back to resend thru my desktop it asks me if I want to copy and or replace pics. So they're obviously on my phone, but I as I said, I cannot locate theme. Can anyone help me with this? Oh wait.... I guess i have 2 questions now. Does anyone know where I can find some abstract or 3d themes for os 6? I've downloaded a few that say they were for this os, but that do not work!!



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    vincentvictor Guest
    Here are some instructions for you in setting up with the BlackBerry 9700

    You can access applications on the Home screen and in folders on the Home Screen.To view the Home screen, when you are not on a call, press the End key. The initial view of the Home screen displays only some of the available applications. To view more applications on the Home screen, press the Menu key.

    Setup Wizard
    Learn about typing, change options to personalize your device, and set up your email
    address. The setup wizard also provides links to information about common tasks.

    Email Settings
    Set up one or more email addresses or change BlackBerry® Internet Service email

    Take a picture. Depending on your device model, this feature might not be

    Record a voice note or video, view saved pictures, or play saved songs, ring tones,
    voice notes, or videos. Depending on your BlackBerry device. the camera or video
    camera feature might not be supported.

    View the main list of device options. You can also access additional options from
    the menu in each application.

    Set Up Wi-Fi
    Set up a connection to a Wi-Fi network. Depending on your device model, this feature might not be supported.

    Hope this will be helpful for you..

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