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    perryford Guest

    Why if the blackberry storm has bad reviews, everybody is buying it?

    I read bad reviews in the internet but still people are buying the blackberry storm, why?

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    I think people always tend to report on any negative aspect to a device. If. You balance this with the actual amount that have been sold, its not a bad device at all. Battery life, all touchscreen cellphones eat battery life. The only reason that legacy devices had better/longer battery life,they didn't have big touchscreens, run youtube slacker radio facebook and proberbly another 20 applications installed. You gotta put in perspective, the storm was a milestone for Blackberry. As battery technology, OS builds get better so will the Battery life. As for other issues, that's Blackberry, they are very high tech devices and you will always get glitches. I had a 9500 2 years ago that was a good robust device, as are all Blackberries.


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    And because it was a milestone, it was hot when it came out. My brother & I got it the first day...I think that it wasn't so much that it got bad reviews and then people went out and bought it, but the other way was such a big item at the time so everybody got in line to get one...So then you have thousands and thousands of new users, and then the bugs were seen after the fact.
    I personally only had a couple issues until it died just recently. However, there were hundreds if not more than that who have gone through 7 or more units before finally settling with it. (till their upgrade)
    Once the Storm two came out most of the issues had been resolved but not much in the case of improvements.

    Overall, the Storm has passed...I have given up on the Storm 3 at this point & I will never buy a device on opening day.
    Sorry RIM, you had your chance to shine. This buyer will now beware. :sun:

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    Another point is that many people aren't buying the Storm2 anymore as the Storm 2 comes free with many service plans.

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    I think people are crazy for it because The BlackBerry Storm features an innovative touch screen that provides tactile feedback to confirm your selection. The Storm offers dual-mode functionality for world-roaming capabilities as well as EV-DO Rev. A and UMTS/HSDPA support. Other highlights include GPS and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

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    vincentvictor Guest
    RIM released Storm, which is the first touchscreen phone, to some of the harshest reviews that a phone has seen in recent times. Yet sales of the device tell a different story. The BlackBerry Storm is doing pretty well, to the tune of 1 million sold since its launch on the Verizon’s network. Some Storm users say their initial negative reaction to the phone turned into a more positive experience after using the device for a few weeks. The Storm’s web browser has also attracted fans. The two most things are e-mail and browsing

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    same thing with the playbook.

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    BlackBerry Storm

    Well, as mentioned in the earlier posts the Blackberry Storm indeed was a very nice device with a lot of innovative features, the touchscreen was and is indeed very good once you get a hang of it. About the other features, it has all the great blackberry features that you get in any other phone with a huge screen, which blackberry users always look out for. Battery life - well if you buy a huge SUV, you get power, comfort at the cost of fuel economy. The same goes with the Storm, but if you control the applications on the device and keep the minimum running, it works good. I had a storm and have a storm II and they both give me adequate battery life.

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