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    BlackBerry Users Download On Average 14 App's

    From a survey of 4,000 mobile subscribers conducted by Nielsen, BlackBerry users average 14 downloads per device. This kinda makes sense for the average user since most BlackBerry devices only have 256Mb RAM of which the OS itself takes up some of that space, not leaving the user much space for apps. Loading a lot of apps on a device can have a significant effect of the performance of device since the OS needs room to operate. This is just another reason RIM needs to boost memory on their devices, 1Gb sure would be nice or allow apps to be installed and run from the memory cards.

    Also according to the survey, iPhone is not surprisingly first in the number of apps downloaded with an average of 40 apps, the Android came in second with 25 downloads on average per device. The study also showed that games and weather apps were the top categories of downloads, social networking apps like Facebook continue to be the top app across devices, and Twitter came in on the top 5 for BlackBerry devices.

    With RIM wanting to boost the number of apps in App World, they need to give BlackBerry users the room they want so they can use those apps by increasing the memory in their devices.

    Do you think RIM will step up to the plate and start offering more than the measly 512Mb on newer devices?

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    I completely agree with the need for more memory on up coming devices. A must have if RIM is going to keep pace or make ground on the competition, but let's not forget all those still in multi-year contracts. Update the os for all Blackberries or develop a free app that allows at least third party apps to be loaded and run from the memory cards.

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