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    Rotating keyboard patent applied for by- RIM?

    A recent patent filing sees RIM providing some ??? for alot of us out there. Although this patent was filed many months ago, the record has just become public information.

    After three devices straying from the BlackBerry norm, I think we can come to the realization that RIM is trying to pull rabbits out of its hat. The drawings issued with the patent show a large screened phone with a slide down keyboard. Sounds like a 9800 Torch, huh? But wait! On one side its a numeric keypad, and on the other, it's a QWERTY keypad. What? So, you slide the keypad down and you have to flip it over everytime you need to type a number during a text message?

    Well, we all know that filing a patent doesn't mean the product in mention is going to see the light of day, as with many many products filed before this. But it does show that RIM is not sitting on its hands concerning new form factors.

    Is this a device you would be interested in using?
    How would you add or modify this device to suit you?

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    Just ask!
    As much as I would love to believe RIM is going to come out with something new, I doubt it. For 1, it's too futuristic for the present. For 2, the image says directly on it "".

    Like I said, I would LOVE for RIM to pull something out of their arse to save their arse, but a design like this comes with MANY MANY flaws and doubts and many many questions :P

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