After a slumping economy caused Transit Wireless LLC to hold off on its plans to roll-out coverage for NYC's subway commuters, arrangements have now been set to get 'back-on-track'. This program has been re-initialized due to Broadcast Australia claiming a majority stake of Transit Wireless LLC. Changes due to this new deal will bring Broadcast Australia's Managing Director, Chris Jaeger onboard as Transit Wireless LLC's new CEO.

Just don't expect to jump on the subway and assume instant coverage. The terms of the agreement include 277 stations to be rolled out in the next six years. Six stations the first two years and the other 271 completed in the remaining four years.

This will be great for business people to retrieve E-mails and conduct business while on their cell-phones riding the subway. But, it also allows you the opportunity to listen to everyone else's conversations all at the same time during your commute. I feel people are going to love and hate this advancement in the underbelly of NYC.

Writer: amcat