One month ago, the above picture was leaked showing the details of a Verizon 4G SIM card. The 4G SIM card will be available for use on Verizon's new LTE Network which should start powering up by the end of 2010. The LTE network, Long-Term Evolution technology, will allow users 5 to 12 mbps download speeds, 2 to 5 mbps upload speeds. Quite impressive!

Now we are hearing additional rumors that the new LTE technology will begin its eagerly anticipated entrance to 3 U.S. States on November 15th, Seattle, Boston, and Pennsylvania. Don't pack your bags and move to one of these States just yet. It is a very new service and may have a few hiccups. I would prefer Verizon to work out the bugs first, even though I would love to see LTE come to my town sooner than later!

Just what will be available on the new LTE network in November? It would be nice to see some new BlackBerry smartphones released to take advantage LTE and the 4G SIM card, but it looks as though it could be specific laptops that would take advantage of the faster data speeds on Verizon LTE. But one can never tell in this very aggressive contest between wireless providers.

Will we see a BlackBerry smartphone on LTE before the end of this year? Let us know your opinion below.