View Poll Results: Are you able to replicate the "Death Grip Antenna Issues" on your Blackberry device??

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  • Yes - If I Death Grip my device with TWO hands I see the bars drop (More than 2 Bars)

    1 6.25%
  • Yes - If I Death Grip my device with ONE hand I see the bars drop (More than 2 Bars)

    1 6.25%
  • No - Even if I try to Death Grip with one/two hands I see little to no change (One Bar)

    9 56.25%
  • No - Steve Jobs should never have thrown BlackBerry under the bus.

    10 62.50%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Steve Jobs Throws the BlackBerry 9700 Under the Bus

    So if you have not heard the news, Steve Jobs and Apple had a press conference today. Part of the focus of this conference was the major antenna issue with the new iPhone 4. This major issue with the antenna is a big one too.

    So, today at 1PM EST Steve Jobs tried to explain why their antenna was having so many issues. Well, he did just that and he did it by saying how this is normal and that all phones suffer from a "Death Grip Syndrome". He said that if you take any phone and cup it in your hands, like in the above video, you will see the same results. Steve then said that this issue is also common in the BlackBerry 9700.

    Steve and Apple even went as far as making a new dedicated section of their site, to this antenna issue. Check out the link below and see what you think about Apple throwing all these smart-phones under the bus.

    I am not sure about you, but I am having no such issues with my BlackBerry 9700. I have set a poll up for all to vote, so make sure you vote and tell us what is going on with your device.
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    Interesting… no or weak signal no talkie talkie.

    I’m driving a Storm 2 and not a 9700 so I hope I’m not skewing 9700 voting, but I must say I’ve been down to half a bar and have yet to drop a call, but then again maybe I’m doing something wrong.

    As for the "Death Grip Syndrome", I didn’t know of the term until recently and besides I consider the “Death Grip” as normal.

    iPhone 4 workaround: gently bite down and hold the phone between your teeth thereby enabling your ears to function as an antenna. Hey it worked in the fifties to improve reception for your TV.

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    I have the Storm 2 with Verizon, and yes, when I cup my BB Storm like Steve is doing I lose two bars. But who the hell holds there phone that way!? The back of my phone doesn't touch my palm when I am talking on it. I have other problems with this thing. I get static and a stuttering sound when people are talking to me. I also see that alot more people have this problem with BB storm.

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