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    BB App World Needs More Content

    Our friends over at Blackberrycool have stumbled on a report that states BlackBerry holds an overwhelming 63% operating share majority in the US . According to Myxer, a ringtone and mobile entertainment provider with 33+ million users BlackBerry also accounts for 72% of total downloads from their sites.

    Myxer points to recent analyst reports that paint a negative picture of the BlackBerry market share, and state that their numbers dictate otherwise. But, the numbers are saying something but it has nothing to do with device market share. Myxer provide ringtones, wallpapers, games and videos: mobile content that simply makes no sense to purchase from a third party source with an iPhone.

    According to Myxer, iPhone represents 2% of their downloads, which is a very large number considering the environment. If anything, Myxer’s report demonstrates that BlackBerry users lack a convenient portal to download this mobile content, and instead rely on third party sources like the BlackberryOS shop. If Myxer are selling 16 million ringtones, wallpapers and videos to BlackBerry users, why isn’t RIM and BB App World providing this content? BlackBerry users clearly want a convenient way to download content, and RIM could make a few dollars on it.

    BlackBerry is definitely dominating the smartphone market and while iPhone is gaining in market share, it still has a long way to go. I would love to see App World start making some leap frogs over the other app stores, and from what 3rd parties have been providing, it seems they can do it. Also, was it was a mistake to call it App World. Why limit the store to apps? They should be able to carry ringtones, accessories, wallpapers etc.
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